Digital Signage is a powerful marketing tool that communicates with consumers by keeping them engaged. Digital Signage displays can show static or dynamic images, video and graphics with or without audio. At HRQ Solutions we design custom solutions that fit your budget!

Digital Signage Featured Content Includes:

  • Menus
  • Advertisements
  • Promotions
  • Featured Products
  • Events
  • Specials
  • Videos

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A cost effective solution that allows you to optimize your budget and improve communication with your customers. HRQ DS Solutions has made it possible for companies to invest in Digital Signage, making it of great value and benefit to our clients.


Digital Signage with HRQ DS Solutions is flexible, fast and reliable. We offer instant updates, and we can schedule your content to be delivered by date and time to any number of locations, and to any number of screens at once.


“A 2012 survey commissioned by FedEx Office found that 76% of American consumers will enter a store that they’ve never visited before, based solely on the quality and appeal of its signs, and 68 percent have made a purchase because a sign caught their eye.”


Steps to Success

  1. We meet to discuss your goals and business needs
  2. We design a solution that works for you!
  3. We set up players to receive and display your content
  4. We deliver your content whenever and wherever you need
  5. Engage Your Customers

Markets We Serve

Retail, Supermarkets, Fitness & Recreation, Pharmacies, Hotels, & Restaurants

HRQ Solutions

Engage Customers & Maximize Profit!

HRQ Solutions

“Digital signage in retail lines can reduce perceived wait time by as much as 40%, meaning the customer’s you have already attracted will enjoy a better experience and are more likely to return in the future.”

Lavi Industries
HRQ Solutions

“Adidas found that after installing digital wall displays in test locations, they increased sales by 40%.”

Innovative Retail Technologies

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HRQ Solutions


Whether its for online or print materials, HRQ specializes in thinking creatively to provide solutions for all our clients. From content to design we work strategically on all of our projects to ensure that every client is satisfied! At HRQ we work with our clients to establish effective communications.
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Having a well-designed, professional looking website, will provide credibility to your business. We help increase our clients' business by creating dynamic cross-platform websites designed to keep your customers engaged, and encourage them to visit and buy!
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We work to create our clients a website that not only looks great but also works well! Our web development team has the knowledge and experience it takes to deliver a website that is easy to use and pleasing to the eye!
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Our creative team ensures that your mobile website or application looks great and our technical team ensures that it is developed with features such as responsive design. We also develop mobile applications for hand held devices that are compatible with iOS, android, windows, & more!
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HRQ Solutions

Where Creativity and Performance Meet!

HRQ Solutions

To develop effective marketing solutions for all of our clients by successfully combining creativity with performance.

Our Team

Team 1 Ricardo Basso VP Business Development

Ricardo started by honing his skills in his native Brazil as a TV Producer and Project Manager. His affinity for creative and planning led him to several advertising agencies where he also became known as a very accomplished marketing strategist. At HRQ, Ricardo is fueled by his desire to create effective, dynamic and original solutions. He uses a combination of commercial design and intuitive strategic skills to create designs for web pages, annual reports, event programs and logos. For Ricardo, creating innovative solutions for our clients is a passionate, endless pursuit that drives everything he does.

Our Expertise

At HRQ DS Solutions, our team is focused on achieving quality results every time! We are dedicated to serving our clients with all of their Digital Signage needs. From technical to creative, we specialize in providing our clients with complete service, including ongoing maintenance. We take care of all your Digital Signage needs, making it an excellent investment you will be delighted with!

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  • We supply all of the equipment
  • We install all equipment
  • We manage the hosting server
  • We create the content to be displayed
  • We provide instant updates regularly

Our Technology

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